Branding & Logo Design

I’ve created branding for companies from Playtex to Nike, including logotype and logo designs, brand guidelines and style guides, and collateral packages. I develop logo design solutions that reflect my clients’ philosophies and aesthetic, and enable them to stand out from their competition.

Often, logo designs and branding are developed as part and parcel of larger projects – you can find more examples included in my web site design and print marketing samples. I approach the design with the intended application(s) in mind. If a client has a uniformed staff, I make sure the logo design will look great embroidered; if I’m designing a digital-only brand mark, it has to be stellar at minimum display sizes across devices.

The visual look of a company is one element of branding – another is the ‘feel,’ including copy writing, brand messaging, content research and development, and the general tone and voice. For that, I work with my partners at pondSoup. If you want to sit back and have the whole brand bible delivered, check us out. Well, you still have to do a little work. It is your brand.